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More information about My Care Record

Patient information and care records are usually made available through traditional methods such as secure post, fax or email. This can be slow and, at times, unreliable, and possibly prolong diagnosis and treatment.

My Care Record is accessed via secure but different  health and care computer systems. The information is requested from the original system and relayed to the health or care professional treating you. 



  • GP practices in West Essex
  • GP practices in East and North Herts
  • GP practices in Herts Valleys
  • East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust (ENHT)
  • Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust (MEHT)
  • Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust (PAHT)
  • West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust (WHHT)
  • East of England Ambulance 
  • Community Pharmacies
  • 111 providers - Integrated Care24 (IC24) and Herts Urgent Care (HUC)
  • Extended hours providers (Stellar Healthcare)
  • Out of hours providers - Partnership of East London Co-operatives (PELC) and Herts Urgent Care (HUC)
  • Essex County Council (ECC) and its care providers
  • Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) and its care providers 

NHS hospitals in London and NHS organisations in wider areas in England such as: Barts Health NHS Trust, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (CUH), Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, Barking Havering Redbridge NHS Trust


*These organisations will be added to the My Care Record website as they join the programme

You can object to your information being shared by talking to your direct care provider, such as your GP, hospital consultant or social worker. These people are viewing your record to to give you the best quality care they can. If you do however still want to object please contact the organisation who holds the records which you do not want to be shared.

It is worth noting that not sharing vital information about you with other organisations involved in your care could affect the quality of care that you receive and there may be circumstances where you objection may not be upheld. For example:

  1. If it is in the public interest for data to still be shared. For example if there is a safeguarding issue, or in the case of a mental health patient who might be at risk from harming themselves or a member of the public
  2. If clinical care cannot be provided. For example in referring a patient to hospital and data needs to be shared for the hospital clinician to do their job properly. In this instance obviously the patient can then choose not to have the treatment and therefore not have their data shared.
  3. Some computer systems may not be well enough developed to prevent sharing of information. However this information still remains confidential amongst the team of people that are directly caring for you.

You can choose to object to sharing information from My Care Record. It is your choice but allowing access to your medical and social care information will make it easier to provide the best quality care and support for you.

If you have any doubts about your records being shared, please speak to one of your care team in the first instance.


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