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Frequently Asked Questions

Why has My Care Record been created?

During the My health, My future, My say campaign, you told us you wanted to see better joined-up care. Since then, we have taken great strides in bringing together health and care services in order to improve the experience of patients.

Our next step is to ensure that health and care professionals directly involved in a person’s care have access to the most up-to-date information about them.

What is My Care Record?

My Care Record is a programme which allows you to give health and care professionals permission to access your medical records during your treatment.

The people caring for you need to access information about your health and care, in order to make the best decisions about your diagnosis and treatment. This could include GPs, hospital-based clinicians, nurses, health visitors and social workers.

For this to happen more quickly and to improve the care you receive, a new process has been put in place. This will allow your information to be accessed by different health and care organisations, using existing computer systems.

This does not share your record, but provides health and care professionals, with your permission, access to view your information.

Information will only be accessed with your permission and while you are receiving treatment by a health and care professional.

This would include allowing a hospital doctor to see the medication that a GP has prescribed for you when you go into hospital or allowing a GP to see what care, tests or treatment you received while in hospital.

How is My Care Record accessed?

Previously patient information and care records will have been made available via traditional methods such as secure post, fax or email, which can be slow and, at times, unreliable, and possibly prolong diagnosis and treatment.

My Care Record is accessed via the different and secure health and care computer systems, once you have given your permission. If your record is requested, it collects the information from the different systems and shows the information to the health or care professional treating you.

Before any information is collected or displayed, you must give your permission. Your permission is recorded in an audit trail, which also keeps all access tracked and logged.


What Information will be made available?

The record accessed is your medical record. Therefore, My Care Record provides up-to date and relevant health and care information about you, at the time you are being treated by a health or care professional.

Examples of information that will be available include:

• Name, address, NHS Number and phone number

• Medications

• Test results and investigations

• Correspondence

• Clinical history

• Emergency department treatment

• Future and past appointments

• Health plans and alerts

• Mental health alerts and diagnoses

• Social care lead co-ordinator and your care plan. 

What are the benefits of My Care Record?

By making your information available across the health and care system, your GP practice, hospital team or community nurse will be able to see the most up-to-date, accurate information about you and be able to make better and quicker decisions about your care.

This will be especially helpful when care is being provided by a range of professionals, is unplanned or in an emergency.

It will allow health and care professionals directly involved in your care to work with you to make safe and fully informed decisions.

As well as providing you with seamless, safer and quicker treatment, it also means you do not have to give the same information to lots of different people, so more time can be spent on your care.

It will provide:

• Better co-ordinated and seamless care

• Quicker diagnosis and treatment

• More time to spend on clinical care

• Less paperwork and less repetition

• Fewer unnecessary clinical tests

• More accurate prescriptions

• Safe and secure decision-making 

Who can view my record?

Only health and care professionals who are directly involved in your care will have access to your record, with your permission. You will be asked your permission before a professional can access your record.

In an emergency, e.g. a patient seriously ill or injured in A&E. It may not be possible for you to give your permission to access your record, however, there are strict guidelines for accessing a record without your permission. Each time a health and care professional accesses your information there will be a clear record of it.

Who is leading My Care Record?

My Care Record is a programme which involves many local NHS and social care organisations.

Initially, only the Princess Alexandra Hospital will provide access to My Care Record securely. It is overseen by senior managers and clinicians across all partner organisations and strict audit controls are in place to ensure we all adhere to governance guidelines.

Other health and care organisations will come on board in the next couple of years. A full list of organisations who will have access to My Care Record will be available and updated on 

Can I choose whether I would like My Care Record to be available or not?

You can opt out of allowing access to My Care Record, but this will mean health and care professionals will not be able to see your history (such as what medications you are on), recorded by other professionals, to provide the best possible care.

Opting out may impact on the time taken to diagnose and treat your symptoms.

You are in control and can change your mind at any time about who accesses your information and for what time period.

If there is information within your record thatyou do not wish to make available, please speakto your GP or health and care professional.

It is not possible to choose in advance which health or care professionals are able to view your My Care Record. However, there are rules in place to make sure that only those directly involved in your health and care will view your record and only with your permission. This will happen while your treatment and care is taking place and you will be asked for your permission each time your record is accessed. 

How do I opt-out of making My Care Record available?

If you do not wish to make your information available you can choose to opt-out by speaking to your GP practice. They will ask you to complete a form and, once this has been completed, it will block access to your record.

If you are receiving treatment from another health and care professional, your information will not be made available. Opting out may impact on the time taken to diagnose and treat your symptoms.

However, you can change your mind at anytime. To opt back in please speak to your GP practice. 

Who can amend or add information to My Care Record?

If any comments need to be made, they will be added to the local record and will be attached to My Care Record the next time it is viewed. 

How do I know My Care Record is kept secure?

Your information can only be accessed over a secure healthcare network and by professionals who are providing your care.

By law, all people working in health and social care or as part of NHS healthcare teams must respect your privacy and keep all information about you safe. Everyone within the health and care sectors must complete mandatory information governance training.

Access to My Care Record is logged and will be audited to ensure that only professionals who are directly involved in your care - and who have asked your permission - have accessed your record. 

How will I know My Care Record is being accessed?

Whenever possible, professionals will inform you that they are accessing your record. This may not be possible every time, for example in an emergency. However, each time a person accesses your information there is a clear record of it and this information can be provided to you. 

Can I access My Care Record?

Under the Data Protection Act 1998 you can request access to any information that an organisation holds about you, including electronic and paper records. You may also be able to access your own records electronically. If you wish to do this please contact the relevant organisation for example: your registered GP practice, Princess Alexandra Hospital or other health and care organisation which your request relates to.

In the future, we are hoping that My Care Record will be accessible to patients through an online system. 

Can my carer give consent on my behalf?

Yes, your carer, or family member can give consent for a health and care professional to access your information if you do not have the capacity to make this decision for yourself – and provided the correct Power of Attorney is in place. If you have opted out – this information cannot be viewed.

How does My Care Record differ from other schemes such as is a national NHS service which collects non-identifiable patient information from GP practices to help in planning services and research. My Care Record is not linked to in any way.

My Care Record is a local programme which has been introduced to provide better joined-up, seamless care to people living locally. 

How does My Care Record differ from a Summary Care Record (SCR)?

My Care Record provides a more detailed view of your health, care and treatment records from your local NHS and social care organisations.

The Summary Care Record is used nationally and is a snapshot of the record held by your GP Practice. 

What information is included from social care in My Care Record?

GPs, nurses and social workers work closely together to ensure local people get the best possible care and support. Although My Care Record does not currently contain all of your social care information it is likely to contain some that is relevant to your care, treatment or support. This may include information about a hospital stay, hospital discharge or support you are receiving in the community.

Our ambition is to include more social care information to further support and completely join-up your care. We will provide you with more information about this in the future. 

Will social services assess my benefits from using My Care Record?

No, My Care Record will only be used for direct patient care and support by professionals involved in your care. 

Can the government view or use My Care Record?

No, My Care Record will only be used for direct patient care and support by local health and care professionals involved in your care. 

If I receive treatment or care outside of the local area, will this update My Care Record?

No, My Care Record only includes information from local health and care organisations and GP Practices that have signed up to be part of My Care Record. No other organisations or external companies will be able to access or update your record.

A full list of organisations that are involved in My Care Record and who will have access to your record, now and in the future, is available on 

When will my information start to be made available?

My Care Record will start with GP records being available in the Accident and Emergency department at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in the autumn, with the other NHS and Social Care organisations joining over the next two years. Visit the My Care Record website at for further information on which organisations will be joining and when their records will be available. 

Will you be sharing my information with or selling it to research or insurance companies?

No, My Care Record personal information will not be shared with or sold to external or private organisations including research or insurance companies. 

What do I do if I would like to make a complaint about improper use of My Care Record?

Please talk to your GP or health and care professional if you have any concerns or questions. You can also go to: or call 01992566140.

Are there any exceptions?

Information will only be accessed with your consent and while you are receiving treatment by a health and care professional – unless it is information that is routinely accessed by a GP such as laboratory tests, blood results, past and future appointments.

On occasion, specialists may also need to access your record, for example to interpret the results of your laboratory tests. They may need to check if you are taking any medication or if you have any pre-existing conditions which may affect the results. This is no different from any other health or care professional involved in your direct care accessing your record. By agreeing to the test(s), you are also agreeing to these specialists accessing your record where appropriate.